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The DerryAirs - The Story So Far.............

It took years of preparatory chats, but finally in December 2018 the stars were aligned, and the DerryAirs quartet was born. To our joy, and relief, we discovered we had a promising range of voices - a first and a second tenor, a baritone and a bass. For one of our first rehearsals we visited Jonathan Lewsey, operatic bass, musical director and singing teacher in south-east Cornwall, to check out whether he thought we might have a future. And miracle of miracles we were up and running.

Sea shanties have been a big focus for us from the beginning, but the DerryAirs songbook is steadily expanding to include folk songs and pop songs. We have a growing enthusiasm to tell some of the stories of our adopted homeland, Cornwall, through song. The harmonies we seek need equal amounts of perspiration and inspiration. We are putting in the perspiration, and the inspiration is all around us, in the sea, the sky, the rain and the wind.


One of our earliest gigs was across the water in Brittany in Plouguerneau, home of our Breton twinning friends, which persuaded us early on to add French songs to our repertoire…and who knows, where it may lead next…


We are loving rehearsing for you, and we hope you enjoy listening to some of our songs, and let’s hope we have a chance to be together soon.


Our Baritone

and maker of



our very own


rockstar, world

famous in..

Nottingham and Leicester the odd decade or five  ago... Frontman and air guitarist for the Pogles

Mr Jeff Rees


Kev D.......

Bass and very fond of his bottom D, a refugee from the Downderry pantomime stage and last seen as Long John Silver, he

All Photos - 67 of 74.JPG

                          sometimes sings alone, often in the shower, he’s

Mr Kevin Done....

All Photos - 60 of 74.JPG

Kev W......

The baby of the 

group,  first tenor, musician extraordinaire, rhythm guitarist in the Downderry based band,

he also enjoys the challenge of singing

different genre including 
tenor opera 

Mr Kevin Weaver....


A conscript from

St Germans via

Merseyside and

Whitsand Harmony.

Enticed out of

retirement as the

group's oldest

and shortest

member! The group's deep, sub- basement bass. He plays guitar & mandolin and keeps strict time on the Bodhran.

Mr Bill Woods....



A Bristolian,
Baritone Tom and
soprano wife Vicky
moved to Downderry du
looking forward to
boating, gardening
and just enjoying the
Cornish air.  Tom
steered towards singing and shanties following a visit to the Mevagissey shanty festival and now looks forward to sharing the DerryAirs repertoire all over Cornwall and anywhere that values this historic music scene.
MR Tom O'Reilly
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